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the Canucks fans thought that they wouldn’t suffer this post season because they didn’t make the playoffs but we all just watched Dale Weise score in OT against Sami Salo so here we are

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i understood that reference

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one time a white student from the university in my home town was talking to a student that came from africa to study and said “wow growing up in africa must have been so tough for you” and he just replied “my family could buy you” and walked away

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The year is 2956.  The NHL is no longer in existence.  All of the players we know today are dead.  Except for one man who skates on an empty ice rink, refusing to accept reality.

His name is Jaromir Jagr.

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Excellent storytelling

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Luongo on the TSN panel is going to be absolutely amazing. But oh Duthie, what a jokester.

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It’s stale. It needs youth. It needs a change… We’re not in 2011. We have to stop talking about 2011. The team needs to be re-tooled, and that’s where change is… If I’m here, I want to play four lines… I did the things I need to do to try to win games, because sometimes I look down there and the guys just weren’t ready. We lack depth and that’s where we’re at. I think that isn’t being critical. It’s the truth… The team is trending. It’s getting older. It does need to be revitalized… That’s not an excuse for me. It’s the truth of what’s going on. For us - I do hope I’m part of it - to get back to being competitive for a long time, you may have to slide sideways and find your way in the nature of a rebuild. You have to. It’s the nature of the game… It’s easy to say it and hard to do it sometimes. It doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t say you want young kids, and then you want depth because it’s going to take some time for those young kids to develop… You need to go through the process. You’re still thinking about 2011, but things change. Teams change. Personnel change. I think we’ve got a really good core here, but … I think some of the core needs to change, yes. It’s an evolution of a team. There are some really good players, the heartbeat of the team, that need to be surrounded [by youth and enthusiasm].

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today a customer asked me for a “medium whatever” and then got frustrated with me when i asked him what he meant

this is it 

this is the post that 100% accurately describes working with the public

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canada looks really broken


u ok canada

We are slowly trying to distance ourselves from the US…piece by piece.

be free


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you can see her accent

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oh my god 

it feels like i was never supposed to see this it’s like forbidden or something 



oh my god 

it feels like i was never supposed to see this it’s like forbidden or something 

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